Golf Course and Lake View homes in Lake Arrowhead do have a value.  I know some will wager that it only has a value to some people, and that might be true.

However, you can’t compare a home for $195,000 that sits on a main road with a view of the home behind it and no other  view to a home that is very similar with a Lake Arrowhead lake view for a $100,000 more.

The home on the main road is going to be noisy and when you go to resell the home you are going to battle with the home being on a busy, main road.  The Lake Arrowhead lake view home sits on a private road in a quiet neighborhood, is in better condition and will have a higher resale value in the future.

This past week on broker tour there was a home in the Lake Arrowhead Golf Course area, listed for $364,500 with a stunning view of Grass Valley Lake and the golf course.  This home lives like a golf course frontage home for a fraction of the price it would take to buy an actual golf course frontage home.  We have many clients who love the golf course area and have spent the money to enjoy this lifestyle.

Here is a shot of the view ~ What is your thought?  Most Lake Arrowhead golf course frontages are on the market North of $900K and this is $364,500 for a better view than most Lake Arrowhead golf course frontages and right down the street from the Lake Arrowhead Country Club.

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