The beginning of the year is a good time to reflect and compare lakefront sales from 2010 to 2011.  Lakefront sales in Lake Arrowhead are doing very well! 

The interesting part of comparing the two years is to see if we are depressed or flourishing on the high-end of our market.  The numbers do not lie.  We are definitely flourishing on our high-end.  Not only did price per square foot go up in 2011 on Lake Arrowhead Lakefront homes but the number of lakefront homes sold in Lake Arrowhead more than doubled from 14 homes in 2010, to 30 homes in 2011.  The average price per square foot in 2010 was $442.  The number increased in 2011 to average price per square foot at $509.67.  

The following charts show in detail the comparison for 2010 vs 2011 in Lake Arrowhead Lakefront Sales.  All information was obtained by the Rim o’the World Association of Realtors, information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


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