It’s a Tuesday and I am ranting.  There is a problem seed in our mist on the mountain.  Since when is it OK to call a client who has an active listing and Agency agreement with another Realtor?  I have the answer!  Never!  It isn’t OK.  

But for one that I am aware of, they do this to all of us that work here in Lake Arrowhead.  It leaves a bad taste in my mouth and numerous of my clients that receive weekly calls from this person, and the false promises and bad mouthing Agent X does.  You are a Realtor, you have ethics that you are responsible for and you are not living up to the term “Realtor”.

 The sad part is Agent X will probably never see this blog and never get a clue or get out of Dodge!  Agent X has burned many bridges.  And, burning more by the moment as I do not intend to give Agent X any of my time on tour or in showings.  It is hard enough to work in real estate with all of the obstacles we go through with banks and such, and throw a bad Agent into all of it makes it that much harder.

Agency to our clients means that we have a fiduciary responsibility, loyalty, confidentiallity, disclosure and a Active Listing Agreement means hands off.  If a Seller or Buyer calls you and ask you for your opinion, that is them seeking you out, it happens, we all understand that.  I think there are some that should go back to school and really read your Ethics and MLS rules and regulations.  

We all owe it to our profession and to each other to treat each other fairly.  I have had several times someone else’s client call me for one thing or another, I always stay guarded and not make bad mouthing comments on other Realtors.  It isn’t professional in any field.  

I will get down from my soapbox now.  I do feel better getting this written down.  

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