A Day in Lake Arrowhead.  What is Lake Arrowhead like for a local?

I have lived on the mountain for a little over 13 years and I absolutely love living on the mountain.  I especially love living in Lake Arrowhead.  I love the fact that I am blessed to work and make a living on the mountain.  I have met and become friends with so many wonderful people who are some of the friendliest people around.  I have never lived anywhere else where when you move in, your neighbors come and knock on the door and welcome you to the neighborhood.  The first time this happen I thought it was just the street, but then it happen in the other two homes I lived in.  People tend to want to know you and open their hearts to you.

Anyway… back to the subject.  What is a typical Saturday for me?  I usually work the weekends, so the days can take many turns.  But for tomorrow this is my day planned ~

  • 8AM ~ 6 mile hike on the lake trail with some girlfriends and good conversations along the way
    • 11:30 ~ I will be at the Coldwell Banker office in Blue Jay ~ Jensen’s Market will be having a Gingerbread house making going on in Blue Jay as well, would love to see what will be made.
    • 3:00 (if I don’t have clients) ~ Cruise over to the Lake Arrowhead Village and do a bit of shopping and grab a snack at one of our great restaurants in the Lake Arrowhead Village.
    • 6:00 ~ Fondue Christmas Party at the neighbors ~ This is usually a pretty big shin dig and I only have to walk across the street ~

    Now if this day happened in the summer it would read much differently ~ work, open house, a little golf at the Lake Arrowhead Country Club and dinner at the Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club, followed up with catching one of the free concerts in the Lake Arrowhead Village… I do miss summer a little after writing that!

    So all in all, I Love Lake Arrowhead!

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